Şiva Düruç is a big family. We believe that success is a team work and we have to think about our customers’ health. The important thing for us is to set up long-term and healthy relationships with our customers. Because we think that our customers are our guests. We are one of the best who take cares of taste, price, quality and health.

Hatay is our homeland. We grow up in Hatay in a place very close to the nature.
Actually we were very lucky since we feed with natural nutrition.

We are watching the food sector in a deep sadness and trying to protect ourselves from these changing world conditions. We know that everybody has the rights to feed with natural foods. Nutrition is very important for the humankind. We know that the quality of nutrition has deep impress on the human health.

Our cooking ingredients are from certain areas:
Meat is from Biga/Çanakkale where husbandry is very common and well-developed. Rice is from Tosya/Kastamonu, one of the best area in Turkey for planting rice. Spices, special-made pickle, olive oil, butter, pumpkin desert, hand-made tomato paste, green olive and wheat is from Hatay, one of most plentiful areas of Turkey.

Our master chefs have great experience on Hatay and world cuisine. They are very creative. Our employer team is young, dynamic and expert on their job.

In Şiva Düruç;
- You can eat french fries as good as french fries in your home.
- You can eat baked rice pudding made from natural milk, Tosya rice and gum mastic.
- You can eat Kamhi soup, very delicious and trademark of Şiva Düruc, which supplies your protein need and does not contain any additive ingredients.

Our philosophy: “Get them eat what you eat, don’t get them eat what you don’t eat”

Our goal is to supply most natural ingredients, offer our healthy and delicious foods to our customers, carry the wrap to the deserved point by combining fast food culture, health and well-taste.